The smart way to grow.

We help technical organizations gain awareness and thought leadership clout. How? By writing engaging social media posts (+images & scheduling) and blog articles (+images) without all of the back and forth.


Awareness + Thought Leadership

If you’re in a technical industry, you already know that being seen as a thought leader is one of the most effective sales and marketing strategies there is. Yet, executing on that strategy can be time-consuming. That’s where we come in.



We’re thrilled with Storyledge. Highly recommended!

Mann Singh, CEO, SAP® OEM partner



Subscription Package

SUBSCRIPTIONs are $1946/mo and include the following:

  • Content curation specific to your industry

  • 3x weekly social media posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

  • Social media images with your logo

  • 500-word weekly blog post that contains a digest of the three weekly social media posts

  • Blog images

  • No contracts

  • Real, live human marketers who care and have graduate degrees from U.S. universities

  • 30-day money-back guarantee


How it Works

Marketing your technical product or service is easier than you think. Check out this video to learn more.

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Company

After subscribing we’ll send you a short questionnaire. Here you can tell us which trade journals, news outlets, LinkedIn groups, etc that we should follow. You’ll also help us get acquainted with what you sell or serve, your customer profile, and the desired tone we should take when writing content.

Step 2: (optional) We’ll connect to your social media accounts

We are happy post on your behalf to up to three of your social media accounts at no additional charge. If so, this is the part where we connect to them.

Step 3: (optional) Send us specific articles you want us to include

If you happen to run across an industry article that you really like, feel free to send it to us, and we will make sure to work it into the editorial calendar.

Step 4: Sit back and let us market your company

Now that you provided us with enough detail about your organization, relax, knowing that you will receive a zip file from us every Monday. The file will contain a blog post that you can copy and paste to your website. We will post to your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages on your behalf, or, if you want to post yourself, then we’ll include the social media content in the zip file.